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Success Stories

One sentence summary of how Jo-Ann has contributed to the success of these students. 


Anthony Bradford


Anthony Bradford Actor

It has been a blessing working with Jo-Ann. Not only is she one of the most nurturing and kind acting coaches/teachers I have ever worked with, but she has a deep understanding of the craft and is able to communicate and make a part doable. My first time ever working with her, I was called back for the Lead in a Network TV Movie, and subsequently have been consistently called back for network episodic television and even tested for a major network pilot. When we start the session, we discuss what is going on in the scene and then line by line make sure we know the specifics and intricacies of the character and script. Jo-Ann allows for me to feel fully relaxed and loose, which translates into spontaneous and very grounded, specific work. She creates a working environment where I can take risks and make discoveries in my work. I feel I am a better actor for working with her.”

Anthony Bradford


Shanon Rodgers


Shannon Joy Rodgers Actress

“I’ve stayed dedicated to Jo-Ann’s class this past year and she’s helped my attitude towards auditions. I walk in with confidence and a specific intention instead of the previous nerves. She works with everyone in class on their individual needs and adjustments that need to be made to make you a better auditioner and actor. Since being in her class I’ve booked a co-star on an Emmy winning sitcom, and commercials, including a Super Bowl commercial! The business side of the class has helped guide me in marketing myself and made daunting tasks like keeping up with postcards and social media, part of my normal practice.”

 – Shannon Joy Rodgers

Actress Better Call Saul (Recurring) The Last Ship (Co-Star)

Eileen Fogarty

Better Call Saul (Recurring)
The Last Ship (Co-Star)

Eileen Fogarty Actress

Jo-Ann has coached me on many auditions that have led to bookings. She helps me layer my work and add specificity. I always walk away with a fuller understanding of the character and story–which makes me feel very confident.”

– Eileen Fogarty

Actor Coop & Cami ask the World (Recurring)

Rahul Nath

Coop & Cami ask the World (Recurring)

Rahul Nath Actor

“Jo-Ann’s class has changed my auditioning so much that I have this new found confidence each time I go in the room. Not only that but I really understand scripts now when I read them, whereas before it was just a case of learning the lines. I have learnt to really understand what is going on in the script and then that leads me to instantly just pick up the lines. I try never to miss this class as each week I learn something new that I always use in my auditions. Also Jo Ann is not just a great teacher BUT an EXCELLENT mentor, she goes above and beyond to help you in class and also guides you on the business side of acting as well. This class and Jo Ann have changed my acting so much that getting put on avail is like a standard for me. I also enjoy reading new scripts and know how to break them down and also then make my acting shine. I highly recommend Jo-Ann and highly recommend her class. I can’t imagine my training without it.”

– Rahul Nath


Marwan Salama


Marwan Salama Actor

“I’ve been working with Jo-Ann for about two years and have nothing to say but great things. She is such a talented and experienced actor/acting coach and it shows. Going into a session, we will go over the sides and breakdown, making sure nothing is missed. We then go over it several times: trying it different ways, exploring relationships, experiences, truths, basically everything that is needed to be successful and feel confident going into the audition. It is open enough to feel safe experimenting and breaking out of your comfort zone, but the time is structured enough to keep your performance grounded and real. I have never felt rushed, but rather treated with compassion and care. Most importantly, I have noticed a significant improvement in my overall skill due to my sessions with her (even if it is only 15 minutes). Like she always says, “don’t forget to have fun”.

– Marwin Salama

ActressInstant Family (Supporting)

Rosemary Dominguez

Instant Family (Supporting)

Rosemary Dominguez Actress

“Jo-Ann seriously rocks! She has helped me deepen my choices, my relationships and my understanding of the material. I know what every line means to me on a very personal level because of the life we have created. I am able to walk in the room and feel completely empowered and ready to play. I also love that she will push me until she gets the most truthful and grounded performance from me. This is probably why I trust her so much. She really wants you to succeed and is over the moon with joy when you do.
I am grateful for her wonderful guidance!”

– Rosemary Dominguez

ActressPlease Excuse Our Dad (Series Regular)

Sajel Olerich

Please Excuse Our Dad (Series Regular)

Sajel Olerich Actress

“Having worked with Jo-Ann now many times both in a class and coaching setting, I have come to know her as someone of great instinct. She is direct, honest, and specific with her adjustments, but possesses a unique sincerity and nurturing quality that provides the actors she works with the type of intimate environment needed to allow them to access their impulses, emotions, and spontaneity freely. Jo-Ann truly cares about bringing out every actor’s full potential no matter what their experience level — she is able to pick up on the qualities that make an individual unique, and help an actor trust those to bring to a character. She guides actors to their own structure with the sides rather than imposing one. I find that I come away from coaching sessions feeling more confident and in tune with myself. Jo-Ann has been a mentor to me and I feel deeply grateful for all the times she has gone out of her way to provide feedback or advice.”

– Sajel Oelerich


Adam Ray


Adam Ray Actor

“Jo-Ann has helped me so much to be honest with myself in my work and to not settle on the business side. I started to crack open during our coaching sessions and show who I am. It’s been such a meaningful journey that reminded me why I began to pursue this career in the first place.”

– Adam Ray

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